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Hi Awesome Peeps,

I see you are interested in the art of writing converting and catchy headlines. Well everyone wants but that either requires you to be a copywriter or hire someone. The first one takes time and the latter takes money.

I knew I had to solve this so I analyzed many landing pages, blog post and newsletters to understand what type of headlines work and what don't. Also, I understood that each headline works in different scenarios. 

With all these knowledge and understanding I build this table of 100+ (and growing) library of high converting headline formula which you can easily pick up and use according to your need.

Here's a link to the demo.

Keep Growing,





1. If I buy now then will I get future updates?

Absolutely yes, if you buy now then you'll get access to all future formula additions plus you'll get the benefit of lower pricing as it will increase with the growth in a number of formulas.

2. What's the refund policy?

 Currently, due to the nature of the product, it's impossible for me to provide any kind of refund, rest assured it's a one-time payment with no recurring payments. Still, if you think this isn't useful to you then feel free to mail me or text me on Twitter, I surely have a look.

3. Can I use it for commercial use?

Yes, you surely can use it for commercial use like on your blog, landing page or newsletter. Just don't resell (free or paid) to anyone in any case. 

4. Any special skills required?

No, having an understanding of basic English is all one needs to use these formulas. These are super easy to use while being highly impactful.

If you still have any queries then feel free to ask it to me on Twitter (@Growthfyi).

This product is not currently for sale.
  • 100+ high converting formulas (includes all future formula updates for free)

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  • 100+ high converting formulas (includes all future formula updates for free)
  • LanguageEnglish


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